How FoShow Works

FoShow gathers data from a number of sources to accurately represent the live music experience.


To contribute to an artist's live profile, add setlists (on and upload YouTube videos of recent performances. If you notice an incorrect or missing track title in a setlist or YouTube video, it would be excellent for you to help correct it by commenting on the YouTube video or editing the setlist.


Using, you can add setlists after attending shows. Please refer to the guidelines for adding covers and unknown songs.


Uploaded YouTube videos should have the artist name, venue name, date of the performance, and track name (if known) in the title. For example, if you saw Joyce Manor perform at Bottom of the Hill on January 21, 2015, the video title should include "Joyce Manor", "Bottom of the Hill", and a date format like "1-21-2015" or "January 21, 2015".

Note: it can take up to a day for the videos to get indexed once they are uploaded.


As an artist, if you add/correct your setlists and upload properly titled YouTube videos, you will improve your representation on the site and hopefully get more people buying tickets to your shows .


Please feel free to email or tweet @ us, thanks for checking out FoShow!